Installing a new fence for your house may improve the appearance of your yard, provide safety and privacy, and boost the value of your property. However, it is very unusual for homeowners, mainly those unfamiliar with fundamental fence concepts, to make blunders.

When it comes to constructing a new fence for your outside area, you want to do it right the first time. If you do not, you can find yourself digging further into your pocketbook. This post will discuss the top five fence ideas to help you prevent expensive errors while fencing in Camden.

Check If Planning Permission Is Needed.

Before beginning any construction, you must check that you have the necessary planning approvals to construct your chosen fence. The reason is that there are different established laws regarding property fencing, and failure to follow them may result in legal action. For example, if you want to build a fence that is more than 2 metres high or 1 metre high when it adjoins a road or footpath, you must apply for planning approval.

Explore Your Property Boundaries.

If you are repairing an existing fence, you will most likely already know your property’s limits. However, it is always a good idea to double-check that you are not constructing on your neighbour’s property before starting any work.

It will not only harm your relationship with your neighbours, but it might also require reinstalling your fence as well as paying for any damage to their garden. Again, an easily preventable cost that occurs more often than you realize.

You may see your property borders, reach a boundary agreement with your neighbour, and apply to record your precise edge or rectify a boundary error on a title plan through this page.

Plan Your Fence Thoroughly.

The simplest method to avoid overspending on fencing materials is to design and measure your fence accurately from the start.

You will know exactly where your property begins and ends after you have investigated its borders. From here, you should examine your limits for any impediments and utility lines. You may need to design around/behind trees while avoiding underground utilities such as gas, electric, and cable lines. This might also be pricey!

Mark the corners of your fence with a stake. The corners are where panels meet at a 90-degree angle and then measure the whole length of your wall using string.

Measuring your fence accurately from the start can help you avoid overpaying on materials while also allowing you to choose a made-to-measure bar. You may design and create the wall you want to obtain an itemized quotation here. It does not get any easier than this.

To prevent corrosion, use galvanized nails.

When acquiring the supplies required to erect your new fence, use galvanized nails. If you do not, your nails will rust faster than you think, producing stains on your border and limiting its lifetime.

You may be tempted to choose less expensive materials, which is logical given the cost of creating a fence. It is suitable to save money where it will not hurt but making cuts in certain critical aspects of the construction might be awfully expensive later.

Don’t try to cut corners on essential things.

One of the most typical blunders is failing to install enough posts. They are often solid and hefty, requiring deep and rich concrete foundations. As a result, they are costly, and individuals usually plant fewer poles than necessary. The winds will force it to vibrate and then move a little bit, and with time, the radius of movement will grow.

The earth surrounding the posts will soften as a result, and the fencing in Camden will tilt. In the worst-case situation, it will be blown away by a stronger wind. Increasing the number of poles strengthens and strengthens the whole structure.

Overall, do not hurry with your fencing project. Instead, take your time, do some research, and perhaps consult with an industry expert. Your new fence is designed to endure for many years, so build it well. That implies you should not skimp on critical building work. But there’s no need to celebrate if you don’t have to. Planning early can help you prevent any expensive blunders while designing your fencing project in Camden.


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