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We use high quality timber and other materials and aim to deliver the best decking and pergolas in our area of operation. We believe our work stands as a testimony to our workmanship and professionalism. Our work is our pride and passion and we always deliver high quality work at affordable prices. Our services include obligation free quotes and consultation to help you decide on the best designs.

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Pergola Backyard Designs


Decks are a great addition to your home. Outdoor space can be more effectively utilised by constructing a deck. It can be used for a variety of activities and will serve as an excellent entertaining area for guests and friends. Besides offering all the benefits an outdoor decking can provide it is an excellent value addition to your property with minimal cost. Decking constructed with high quality timber looks beautiful and is aesthetically pleasing



Pergolas are a great addition that could completely transform your backyard adding huge value to your home at a cheap price. It can be an entertainment area for your family and guests adding a certain class and elegance to your property. A professional pergola roofing company with experience would advise you on the best design that complements your property and use the right materials and process that would make all the difference.Pergolas have come a long way and the materials used are sturdier. For example, metal frames are designed to be more stronger and last longer than the timber frames.


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Kitchen or bathroom renovation can completely transform your home’s ambience. Particularly renovating the flooring for your kitchens or bathrooms can significantly benefit the structural benefits and create a free-flowing layout for the area. As one of the top contemporary designers for extensions and renovations, specialising in bathroom and kitchen renovation, we ensure to offer quality craftmanship and the best customisations, tailored to suit our customer’s specific needs according to their budget.



Fencing is one of the most significant elements of your outdoors. It not only just provides you with the desired protection from the invaders but also helps to elevate the overall aesthetics of your premise. Choosing the best fencing is of vital importance. It can have a direct impact on the security of the space as well. Best Deck and Pergolas is one of the best fencing companies in Sydney. Also, we offer expert fencing services across Australia. It provides you with the desired comfort and obstruction from invasion and exterior barriers.



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Best Deck Builder and Pergolas Services in Sydney

Best Deck Builder and Pergolas Services

We have more than three decades of experience behind us in construction, fencing, renovation of wooden decks and pergolas. We are a team of highly trained professionals who can carry out any kinds of timber decking and pergolas, fencing, and flooring. Since we work with different materials and designs, we can easily customize according to your requirements and property. Our designs always complement and enhance your property adding value to it.

Best Deck Builder and Pergolas Services offers some of the best decking timber at unmatched prices. Our decking timber is made from premium quality material and surely elevates the overall appearance of your exteriors. We are one of the finest pergola and deck builders, serving Australia for more than a decade now. Our team of experts are highly expert and proficient in their work. They strive to comprehend your exact needs and offer meticulous solutions that are contemporary and worthwhile.

Professional Decking Services

Decking is one of the most complicated and technical tasks. It demands special expertise and sufficient knowledge of the domain to achieve perfection in decking. Best Deck Builder and Pergolas offer cutting edge decking services. Our team strives to comprehend the exact needs of our clients and offer them bespoke decking and pergola solutions that are exquisite and quality oriented. Over the years, we have achieved mastery in this field with our constant endeavour to update ourselves with the latest amendments in the sector. Our aim for perfection coupled with our mission to offer specialized decking services makes us different from other contemporaries.

Our home improvement services are much appreciated by discerning customers who always want the best workmanship. We offer quality workmanship at the best possible prices. We never overshoot the project deadlines and budgeted costs. Our repeat business and testimonials from customers are proof of our skill and excellence in workmanship. We provide professional consultation, and our team of skilled workers can handle any type of work from simple to complicated designs. At Best Deck Builder and Pergola, we have proudly handled an array of decking and pergola projects with utmost precision and agility. 

We pride ourselves on taking care of the work site maintenance leaving them neat and tidy after the job is over and on the safety of our workers. We aim to do the work with as little disruption as possible to your daily routine while at the same not compromising on efficiency and safety standards. We can design and construct any type of decks, pergolas, and home improvement services for any budget. Customer satisfaction is not a mere byword for us, it is a testimony to our craftsmanship.


Usually, a pergola is made up of wood, allowing one to build a solid and customisable structure around the patios and decks. Our experienced builders use decking timber material to craft the perfect decks and pergola outside your Sydney house at Best Decks & Pergolas.

The cost of building new decks and pergolas in Sydney usually varies depending upon the size of the proposed deck, construction material used in the construction and several other factors. On average, it will cost you around $160 to $220 per square meter. Hire the most cost-effective and high-quality decking services from Best Decks & Pergolas today!

With a pergola prefab kit, everything from the cutting, notching and assembly of the board is readily available. However, when you go for custom-built pergolas, you have the luxury to select your decking material, design, size and all the things that you want outside the house. So, you should always hire a pergola and deck builders like Best Decks & Pergolas today. We offer cost-effective decks and pergolas building services in Sydney.

Yes, they are. The most reliable and reputed decks and pergolas builders in Sydney will back their craftsmanship with an assured guarantee. Call our experts at Best Decks & Pergolas today and know the details now!

For different products and services, we offer different warranty assurances. You can talk to the Best Decks & Pergolas team and ask them about the details. We will definitely give you an extensive period of warranty for our decks and pergolas in Sydney.

Yes, we specialise in custom manufacturing of decks and pergolas in Sydney. Just call our number and receive a quote for your project.



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