Wooden Decks

Decks are a great addition to your home. Outdoor space can be more effectively utilised by constructing a deck. It can be used for a variety of activities and will serve as an excellent entertaining area for guests and friends. Besides offering all the benefits an outdoor decking can provide it is an excellent value addition to your property with minimal cost. Decking constructed with high quality timber looks beautiful and is aesthetically pleasing.

Of course wooden decks require periodic maintenance but with the help of a professional service like ours it need not pose a problem. We will stain and seal the timber regularly for you. There are a lot of varieties of UV and waterproof sealants available with attractive stains. A professional and skilled decking company can help achieve the finish you have always wanted. Timber decking around pools are safe and they are good for wet areas. If the timber decking is exposed to the sunlight they stay cooler compared to other decking materials.

Composite decking is also preferable as it is resistant to weather changes, light in weight and stain resistant. Not much of maintenance is required and it does not require sealing. A highly skilled deck construction company can give the perfect finish of wood grain like finish, texture and colour for a long time. Whatever be the choice our company has enough skilled tradespeople to carry out the job efficiently and professionally. We are always prepared to work with the latest materials as long as they are practically feasible and allowed legally.

We work with different and latest type of timber such as treated pine, Jarrah, Merbau etc., Some timbers come from sustainable harvesting and for those who are environmentally conscious they are a best buy. Decking are also constructed using wood composites such as recycled wood and plastic. They have the finish and look of natural timber and require minimal maintenance as compared to pure timber decking. We offer complete solutions for your decking requirements from handrails, balustrades and stairs and other extensions which can make your decking an independent unit. Whatever be the choice of materials and design we have the expertise and skill to make your deck a beautiful addition to your property.


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