A well-designed and enclosed decking area or roof terrace may provide an all-year-round alternative for outdoor eating. Bringing your living room outside is highly trendy right now, so unique garden furniture along with cushions and blankets will make the outside as pleasant and memorable as the inside.

There are several outdoor decking solutions in Strathfield to fit your lifestyle, budget, and taste. You might use appealing wood, make innovative designs, or go green by combining plastic and wood scraps. Slip-resistant coatings are also essential in our often-wet British weather.

Garden decking ideas

Add A Decking Area to A Garden Room.

By building a decking area outside the retractable doors, you may create a distinct outside space for a garden room. The frontage gives a place to relax outdoors, giving it a large supplementary living area. Frame the limited docking space with clever but straightforward-planted borders that divide the decking and structure from the rest of the landscape.

Carve Out a Cooking Area with Raised Decking

Give an outdoor cooking area it is own elevated decking to indicate a designated outdoor kitchen zone. The usage of wood flooring contributes to the addition of an interior style element. Furthermore, from a practical standpoint, wooden decking is readily cleaned and is less likely to be damaged due to kitchen mishaps such as fallen dishes and so on.

Raise the Levels to Meet the Floor Plan

Raise a decking area straight off the interior living room to provide a smooth movement from inside to outdoors. It is a fantastic idea to employ a decking area for amusement, making the travel from one zone to another safer. The periphery is the best spot to stagger steps down into a grassy area.

Create a Rustic Look with Weathered Decking

The dark worn decking contributes to the rustic beauty of this garden. Recreate the effect by using a weather-resistant material and encircling the elevated decking with plants. If you have the room, consider including a bit of pond underneath the decking for a stunning design.

Lay a Boardwalk.

Create a route across your yard with decking, potentially leading to a larger decked area. This boardwalk-style path is given an even more beach vibe with white stones that help keep weeds at bay.

Build a Decked Bar Area

This tiki bar, perched on a high decked platform, is the showpiece of this garden. It’s a good idea to put a rug beneath bar stools, so you have a gripping surface to tread on after a few beers!

Level Uneven Ground

Decking is excellent if your landscape is uneven or sloped. Because it is constructed on a framework, it is ideal for levelling off odd locations. It may also have many levels and incorporate steps. A little shelter has been built at the far end, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful outdoors even when the clouds have settled, the views from this stunning mountain lodge are breathtaking. Decking is ideal for many outdoor environments, from gardens to roof terraces since it can be constructed off the ground. To match the all-timber chalet, just one colour of the wood was utilized here. Raised beds give uplifting splashes of greenery.

Aim High

If you are utilizing decking to divide an area of your yard, railings will come in handy. Include a water-resistant rattan couch and many soft cushions in a patchwork of vibrant patterns for an indoor-meets-outdoor feel. There are so many beautiful colours in nature that they do not stand out against the rich greens of the surrounding trees.

Make It Flow from Indoor to Out

Make your backyard decking an extension of your house. Decking may be readily levelled with your interior floor, blurring the line between inside and outside. A trellis above provides some shelter and shade, and plants may be trained up and over it to add interest. Outdoor kitchen cabinets make it easy to prepare meals outside.

Paint Raised Beds White in Contrast

Plant raised flower beds to add interest to the centre of your sundeck. It avoids having a considerable amount of exposed decking and grows the plants so not everything is at ground level. The white-painted beds in this room stand out against the dark wood and flora. Choose plants with unusual forms to create an architectural effect.

Build Matching Floating Stairs

Soften the rough edges of your decking in Strathfield with an abundance of lovely flowers and herbs that grow right up into the entrance. Floating stairs made of similar material like decking give continuity between the two floors and offer a playful touch by crossing the water feature below.


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