Pergolas are a modern way to add charm to the backyard or a home’s landscaping. It can be a standalone outdoor shelter or an extension of the home. Pergolas in Liverpool are highly suitable for summers, allowing only fresh air to enter and yet protecting from the sun.

One can choose from several pergola designs and create one’s own personal style. Ranging from a minimalist pergola to a traditional one to one that’s modern; one can go ahead selecting the one that suits one’s needs and desires. Some designs will be, however, more functional, and others are more considerable about aesthetics. There is a whole list of pergola styles, such as a pergola with a roof, for one to choose from to result in a stunning structure.

Here are some of the styles/designs of pergolas to choose from in Liverpool

Classic style

Classic pergolas will be functional for the backyard. These are suitable if one is handy and wants to create something exclusively for the backyard.

Slim and trim

If one does not prefer a bulky pergola, then they can go with one that has canopies and planter hangers with other accessories. It will be an easier option that’ll cause less trouble.

Roof with sliding doors

This is a pergola style available in Liverpool that comes with one sliding roof. The pergola with a roof helps protect against the sun and gives full control over both sunlight and shade. One can choose to block the rays of the sun as and when s/he please by covering its individual parts and leaving the rest exposed. The amount of coverage will, however, depend upon the design of the pergola.

Mediterranean cuisine for modern times

The Mediterranean pergolas design helps in the creation of a warm, European environment. It complements both contemporary as well as traditional architecture. This design of pergolas will feature Moroccan stencils on the floor and potted plants, giving an exotic feel.

Arch design: an exception

If one wishes to create a striking appearance, this pergola design will be the right choice. It involves clean and modern fittings, that keep this style of a pergola in the spotlight. It is known for revealing a keen sense of style.

Using light

This design involves a traditional pergola added with some lights for romance and welcoming for summer nights. One may choose to spend those nights out with family and friends and make cherished memories. It makes a stunning set-up.

Pergola as an entertainment or lounging area

If one wants a pergola in Liverpoolsuitable for entertainment and lounging, then s/he can choose this design/style. It involves a pleasing layout created with well-defined areas in the landscape. It adds structure, appeal as well as height and becomes a focal point. This style is available in more sizes and designs.

Maintaining privacy and security

Next is a pergola design that takes care of your personal security and privacy. It allows the user to unwind in peace. Curtains would be appropriate as they will provide better privacy and add drama to the room. Choosing a contrasting colour from the home’s exterior will make an alluring highlight.      

The pergola with a roof will surely help your home to have a perfect look. Look for a professional pergola designer in Liverpool to allow your home to get a luxury appearance.


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