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Add more luxury to your home with a state of the art pergola in Schofield, Australia. BE Flooring is a trusted leader in this sector. We build exceptionally beautiful and strong pergolas and fencing. We help you transform your backyard or garden area into a great leisure, entertainment and recreation space. We build pergolas that match the exterior of your home and give it an attractive and stylish appearance. We work with you to ensure the pergola designed and executed by us meets all your expectations.

Our team of experts will assess the site and suggest creative and distinctive ideas for a pergola. Adding a pergola in Schofield can help you to fetch a good resale value in the future. Pergolas are considered a great point of attraction. They add value to your backyard, patio, pool area and deck as well. Our cost-effective pergola is ergonomically designed and does not require too much maintenance.

BE Flooring is a leading expert in building decking around Schofield. We build elegant looking decks which are sure to improve the function and look of your pool area and backyard. You can add a deck to your pergola or near a pool area to add an element of luxury and beauty to your space. Our highly skilled experts are known for their flawless finish when constructing decking and pergolas. We make sure to understand all your requirements and expectations before commencing our work. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our valued customers as we are keen to maintain our strong reputation.

BE Flooring also provides fencing in Schofield and nearby areas. We have many fencing options ranging from wooden fencing, metal fencing, glass fencing etc. Fencing is an important element which is often overlooked. Fencing not only improves the aesthetic appearance of a house but is important from a security point of view as well. BE flooring brings to you some of the most trendy and luxurious fencing solutions in Schofield to give your home a distinct edge.

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